Turkish ice dancers had to leave Moscow

The political tensions between Russia and Turkey also affect the Turkish ice dance Alisa Agafonova and Alper Ucar.

Because of the tension between the two countries following the launch of a Russian military machine by Turkey in late November the first Turkish Olympian had to leave Moscow in the discipline their coach Alexander Schulin. “It’s a pity, our results have improved so much since we were working with him. Unfortunately, by this plane crash everything changed for us,” the 31-year old Ucar told at the European Championships in Bratislava.

The Turkish Ministry of Sport ordered the departure end of the year from the Russian capital.”There also was no longer, we would have every month a new visa is required,” says the 25 year old Ukrainian native Agafonova. The pair was moved shortly to Detroit, where the Russian star trainer Angelika Krylova she supervised. At the European Championships are Agafonova / Ucar before the long program on Saturday Twelfth, one better than the Oberstdorf Kavita Lorenz / Panagiotis Polizoakis.



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