[Figure skating world championships] ‘individual peaks’ Lee June-Hyoung, free entry … the short 18th

Korea Figure Skating Men signage Lee June-Hyoung (20, Dankook University) was a personal best score of 70.05 points in the short program at the World Championships. Lee June-Hyoung ranked 18th in the short program and free skating has secured jinchulgwon given to the top 24 people.

Lee June-Hyoung is 31 (below Korea time) held 2016 in Massachusetts Boston TD Garden, the International Skating Union (ISU) Figure skating harder Championships men to compete in the singles short program, technical score (TES) 37.99 points artistic score (PCS) It was added 70.05 points to 32.06 points.

ISU previous personal best score was 68.52 points (2014 Junior Grand Prix). There did not received 75.15 points from the last national convention in January a comprehensive national championship men had crossed the 70 points recorded a personal best score.

Lee June-Hyoung started the game according to their short program muse of song ‘Exo Genesis Symphony Part 3 “. Cleanse first task he did a triple axel runs resulted in a solid Sitka flying camel spin and spin change. The second jump a triple flip-triple toe loop combination jump is shaken in the land.

Triple loop mistakes he finished the program with Swarovski step-change combination spin without seukwon came up.

Last year, the first time competing in the World Championships Lee June-Hyoung is ranked 19th with 197.52 points. Lee June-Hyoung time has finally acquired over 24 receive a free skate chuljeongwon 64.51 points in the short program. Grew further in the tournament, he pulled a 5.54 point.

2014 Sochi Winter Olympics gold medalist Yuzuru Hanyu (Japan) receives a man 110.56 points ranked first singles short program. Hanyu received a score of 0.39 points short of the world record and personal best score of 110.95 points. Sochi, a descendant of uibyeongjang “Denis Ten (Kazakhstan), Winter Olympic bronze medalist was only 12th place with 78.55 points.

Rebecca Kim competed in ice dance (18) – Cyrillic US Smirnoff (23, Russia) have failed to cease the free dance short dance exhibition on the 25th.

Rebecca Kim – US Smirnoff Ice Dance Short Dance is a technical score (TES) 25.89 points artistic score (PCS) were added 49.79 points to 23.90 points.

Kim perching on the tournament 25 of the 30 teams competing in ice dance Rebecca – US Smirnoff did not take wraps won the free dance chuljeongwon given to 20 above.

Last year at the world championships, Kim Rebecca – US Stoyanov stayed on the 26th. This year had to be satisfied to raise the ranking noryeotjiman the free dance exhibition attracted a staircase.

Rebecca Kim – US Smirnoff was the first challenge you at the Rotterdam Ayrshire Level 4 lifts. Synchronized tweets were also enjoyed record levels 4. But it has been recognized only three of the six points from the pattern dance elements. Step did not get a good score in the Level 2 cease.


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