Hanyu, the adjustment in the World Figure venue to decide all jump in practice

30 days at the World Championships of figure skating, which kicks off in (Japan time on the same day, in the middle of the night), and begins with the US Boston in official practice is 28 days, aim to win two seasons the first time in the men’s Yuzuru Hanyu (ANA), Shoma Uno of 18-year-old debut (Aichi Chukyo Chukyo high) was adjusted in the match venue.
 Hanyu in practice multiplied by the song of the free, decided all the continuous jump, such as eight of the jump of four rotations Saruko -3 rotation Torupu to be incorporated in the second half of newly acting this time, Uno triple axel (3 rotation half jump) is strong was.
 Women’s Mao Asada the participation of 2 seasons the first time (Chukyo Univ) and, Hongo and Tomoko Miyahara aim the first victory (Osaka Kandai high) Rihanna (Kunikazu Sportsland) is practiced.
 Men’s short program (SP) 30 days (Japan time 31 days morning), Women’s SP is carried out to 31 days (the April 1, morning).

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