Hungary’s György Sallak throws his hat into the ISU Presidential race

3/14/16, Hungary

Sallak, director general of the Hungarian National Skating Federation (MOKSZ), plans to officially submit his documents to the ISU during the World Figure Skating Championships in Boston next week.

Sallak is the current ISU development coordinator, a situation that has attracted criticism from some who believe he has been using his position to help promote his potential bid to replace Ottavio Cinquanta, stepping down as President the past 22 years.

An email sent earlier this month to, and addressed to members of the “World Skating Family,” claimed he is using the ISU development funding for electoral purposes.  The email signed by an anonymous person with the inititals “Mr K.M.”, raised questions over “whether a person who spends ISU money in such a manner is suitable to take control over and manage the total ISU budget”. It claims that he manages a budget of almost $6 million (£4 million/€5.5 million) per year with almost no control.

Candidates have until April 25 to declare their intentions ahead of elections due to be held at a five-day ISU Congress in Dubrovnik starting on June 6.

Other potential candidates are The Netherlands’ Jan Dijkema, the ISU vice-president for speed skating, and Patricia St. Peter, President of US Figure Skating from 2009 to 2014.



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