“I can slip comfortably” Hanyu SP leader

Stage started off game aims to own second time vertex. Hanyu is braced as “there is a feeling that fits well in my things that kana” I do it this way “and quite right. Do firmly without careless thing they do” before acting, stood on the link.

 And decide firmly the 4 rotation Salkow at the beginning, followed by four consecutive jump of rotation Torupu -3 rotation Torupu, triple axel (three rotations and a half) is also without difficulty icing. It flooded a sense of accomplishment to show the Form approaching crisis at the moment finishing the performance.

 And take a breather, Hanyu was loosening the facial expressions and “was able to slip comfortably”. Tournament was greeted aware of the goodness of tone. The official practice of 28 days decided to all of the jump, grabbed even response. However 4 rotation Salkow is not Leap perfectly in the practice of 29 days, was an air of tingling air. Still finely check and correct, such as the movement of the upper body. SP day of the ten in the official practice is interfering with the course in (Kazakhstan) there is a scene where frenzied referred to as a “mental state was a mess,” but did not also disturb the acting in a wave of mind.

 Great difference of 12.04 points in the 2-position of the Fernandez.Strength towards the throne recapture was a stand out SP. [Yoshiro Tanaka]

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