– World Figure Skating – Kim Rebecca – US short Smirnoff Dance top 25 … ‘preliminary elimination “

Kim Rebecca Korea’s figure skating ice dance (18) – Cyrillic US Smirnoff (23, Russia) 2016 International Skating Union (ISU) cease on the 25th in figure skating world championships Short Dance 2 Kobe had a year of qualifying eliminated.

Kim Rebecca – Cyrillic US Smirnoff is 31 (Korea time) technical score (TES) artistic score 25.89 points in competitions Ice Dance Short Dance chireojin at TD Garden United States Boston, Massachusetts (PCS) Together 23.90 points was 49.79 points.

Rebecca Kim tournament perching on top of a spiral 25 Article 30 – Cyrillic US Smirnoff has not been able to follow the Short Dance Free Dance chuljeongwon given to the top 20.

Rebecca Kim – Cyrillic US Smirnoff Joe in this tournament last year accounted for 26 bar above is not true, then the free dance.

The first task of Rotterdam Ayrshire Rebecca Kim, lift the handle to a level 4 – Cyrillic US Smirnoff has opened smoothly Cutout also a Level 4 Synchronized Twin Isles.

But Rebecca Kim – Cyrillic US Smirnoff has received recognition only three of the six key point in the pattern dance elements, but failed to get a free dance mere qualify for the final step in acting level 2.

Kim Rebecca “was not satisfied with the smoke too inconvenient failed to advance in the free dance,” he said.

Rebecca Long-acting form of the Cyrillic US Smirnoff (EPA = Yonhap News).

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