’16 Top ‘most empty, Park So-Youn figure skating world championship and advance FS (Comprehensive)

entered the Most Blank Park So-Youn and the free skating figure skating world championships. Most blank (16 and repair) is April 1 (hereafter Korea time) held in 2015-16 international season TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts, United States skating Union (ISU) figure skating world Championships women’s singles short program standing technical score (TES) 34.48 points, artistic score (PCS) scores 21.54 points and 56.02 points in total.

Most beans are ranked 16th in total 38 people. Most are free skating jinchulgwon was given to 24 above empty generous succeeded in entering the free skate. ISU certified personal peak of 57.27 points (2015 Junior Grand Prix) Yen did not score less than optimal. Most took the Senior World Championship debut as a short-bean OST of ‘Mama, I’m a Big Girl Now’ in the movie ‘Hairspray’ It began a program delay. first jump triple lutz-triple toe loop most successful combination jumps beans received a high of level 4 in the flying camel spin and the combination spin, triple penalty performance score of 0.20 points (GOE) in flip jump the were. Most were empty after finishing recording the last smoke jumping elements received bonus points to 0.29 points in the double Axel sequence step level 3, level 4 reyibaek spin. Most chaenggin a level that can grabs the spin and step elements as possible Bean was the look satisfied with his acting. Most beans are a senior major championship debut ‘Four Continents Championships in his ISU approved the culmination of score 173.71 points in August bars are ranked. Park So-Youn was recorded in February comprehensive ‘Four continents Championships in fourth place (18, Dankook University) stayed above the short program jump 22 due to a mistake. Technical scores 27.04 points, 25.03 points artistic score, total 52.27 points. It took most bean 16th, Park So-Youn emergency to secure the World Championships two years CHAPTER chuljeongwon 2017 while ranked 22. The final ranking the sum of the largest bin and Park So-Youn this should be 28 it is possible to maintain chuljeongwon two chapters (the final 16 24. Until calculated in 16th place from the top). The Gracie Gold recorded a total of 76.43 points (20 US) climbed the short program leader . This short program ISU personal culmination of gold. Anna decreed Krylia (73.98 points, Russia) earned the name which is above 32 above, Yevgeny Oh Medvedev Deva (73.76 points, Russia). Women’s Singles Free Skating will be held on the same three days coming AM Place. (Photo above since most empty, Park So-Youn


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