Evgeny Medvedev: “The season was long, now it is necessary to pass the exams and relax”

or 16-year-old Muscovite Yevgenia Medvedeva this season – the first at senior level was very successful. Figure skater won all the major launches, beginning with the Grand Prix Final, and then the European and world championships. At the tournament Team Challenge Cup, where Jack replaced the injured Tuktamysheva Elizabeth, a student Eteri Tutberidze immaculately skated both programs, improving personal achievements.

His impressions of the team competition in the American Spokane Jack shared with the site FFKKR:

– For me it was very exciting and an honor to play for the European team, together with our kids and skaters from other countries –Jack admitted . – It’s a new experience for me, because it is one thing to ride the most, and the other in the team. Wow, we had such a great captain – Christopher Dean.He supported all, each found some words. He is a man with a sense of humor, a deep understanding skating. Although Team Challenge Cup had an unusual format, but all our guys somehow immediately rallied thanks largely to the captain.

What they say about team spirit – it is not just words. In fact, we all supported each other, rooting for each, trying to show the maximum, although it was the last start of the season, and all a bit tired. It is a pity that our team took the second place in Europe. But all the guys tried.

– How did you keep such brilliant form at the end of the season?

– Yes, there is no secret. You just have to work.After the World Cup I did not stop training, despite the fact that a lot of time was spent on a variety of interviews and meetings. But this is also part of the work of the athlete, there’s no go.

Probably it helped that by maturity Team Challenge Cup was held in late April, and it was not long after the World Cup, which allowed not to lose shape. I had not planned to speak at the team tournament, I knew to go and hit Lisa Lena Radionova. But when she learned that reacted calmly. It is necessary it should be. The main task for me, as in any event, had rolled the program cleanly.

– For any rental program Team Challenge Cup you got more points than at the World Cup, which set a world record. What contributed to this result?

– Probably just the number has grown in quality, because I rode the entire season this program. I really like the program, and I really feel its soul, that is transmitted to the audience. It is a pity to part with it.

– What was unusual at the Team Challenge Cup?

– This tournament is very different from others.And the format and composition, and the atmosphere was unusually … to train with the dancers. But there is always something to learn from other athletes.

– During the Team Challenge Cup it has something to see, walk around the city?

– If desired, you can always make time for yourself. She looked a little town, take a walk in the park – geese, ducks … Beautiful!

— Future plans?

– Take the exam at school. Try to collect, to take the final shot. On May 12, we’re leaving on vacation. Season was a long, eventful. Thank you coaches, Eteri Georgievne (Tutberidze –approx .) That everything is laid out for the season, prepared. Now it is necessary to have rest, to reconfigure itself, to gather the strength to begin anew.

Olga Ermolina

Photos of instagrama Evgenia Medvedeva and Julia Komarova (archive)

source: http://www.fsrussia.ru/intervyu/2116-evgeniya-medvedeva-sezon-byl-dolgij-sejchas-nado-sdat-ekzameny-i-otdykhat.html


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