Javier Fernandez: “We are proud to live up Nadal and Gasol, but I still have”

DANIEL MATEO. 04/06/2016 – 06: 29h

Javi Fernández exceeded all expectations and successfully defended his world championship figure skating in Boston with stratospheric gold thanks to a performance with which eclipsed all bets favorite, the Japanese Yuzuru Hanyu. No time for celebrations, and from Japan, the skater welcomes the success achieved. A milestone that he immerses himself in the Olympus of Spanish sport .

I no longer know what to say! What do you say? How do you feel?

I am very happy, it was amazing after the complications I’ve had in my Achilles heel just before the long program. Luckily I was able to recover and make it to the top of the podium.

After how the short program was, the world title?

Expected I knew it would be very difficult but nothing was impossible, once again life gives me right when never lose hope and fight to the final.

The best program in history, they say. What do you think?

For me it has been a programón I’ve seen together with my staff and very few failures highlight is a pride that has been one of the best ever.

The best program in history, they say. What do you think?

For me it has been a programón I’ve seen together with my staff and very few failures highlight is a pride that has been one of the best ever.

Do you think brushed perfection?

Yes, I get carried away by the desire and left the ice to enjoy and provide the program to all my followers so hard I get to stay alive in this sport that Asians, Americans and Russians are putting things very complicated.

Have you remembered someone special? Any special dedication?

My family, friends and my coaches.

Why did you choose to Sinatra?

In Boston could be a program that also engaged and he liked the whole city, it was a decision together with my choreographer and coach.

And now that? What is left to fulfill?

The Olympic medal is my main goal today, we will continue training to get the best possible upcoming JJ OO in 2018.

Do you think it is up to the gods of Spanish sports, Nadal, Gasol …?

We are proud to live up to these athletes, I think going the way but I still have .

He said he had been a tough month. Why?

I’ve had several sore hip, psoas and heel although I was able to recover and the desire to compete have made ​​me forget any discomfort.

There are just 300 federated skaters in Spain. Theirs is almost more a miracle …

It was not easy to get here, now, we have to open the path for tomorrow are many who are struggling internationally and there are still schools in our sport.

What should be changed to start being a power?

I have repeated on several occasions that there has been failure to follow the sport so far and the media has been scarce. I can say that we are now working hand in hand and institutions of the federation for the sport have more and more opportunities.

Eight international medals since 2013. What a figure, do I not?

Just think about train and do things best, successes and medals arrive. It is amazing and a dream I’m living in recent years.

What remains of that Javier was beginning in this?

I’m still the same person, I like to play racquetball, Play Station, go with friends, camping, etc.

Have you changed much, as a skater and as a person?

As a skater I’ve taken a quantum leap in every way but still I can keep improving, I train for it.

Would you expect any special celebration or there is no time?

Now I’m in Japan to begin a tour of 15 days, mid I will go to Madrid and to savor the medal with mine although commitments occupy me the greatest time of my stay.

BIO Javier Fernandez (April 15, 1991, Madrid) is a Spanish skater, champion of Spain, Europe and twice the world. It is one of the few skaters performing two different quadruple jumps consistently in the same program

source: http://www.20minutos.es/deportes/noticia/javier-fernandez-doble-campeon-mundo-patinaje-hielo-2713495/0/


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