Team Challenge Cup 2016,Asia


2016 Korean champions. Train in Moscow – coached by Irina Zhuk, Alexander Svinin.

2015 Chinese champions, World and World junior competitors. Train in Changchun, China – coached by Guiyu Huang.


Two-time Four Continents medalist, 2015 Japanese silver medalist. Trains in Nagoya, Japan – coached by Hiroshi Nagakubo, Yoriko Naruse, Miho Kawaume.

Two-time Japanese champion (2015-16), 2015 World silver medalist, 2016 Four Continents champion. Trains in Takatsuki, Japan – coached by Mie Hamada, Yamoto Tamura, Yoko Niino.

2015 World Junior Championships (4th), 2016 Youth Olympic Games bronze medalist, 2015 Grand Prix competitor. Trains in Toronto – coached by Brian Orser, Tracy Wilson.


 2016 World bronze medalist, three-time Chinese champion (2014-16). Trains in Harbin, China – coached by Zhaoxiao Xu, Caishu Fu.

Two-time Japanese silver medalist, 2015 World Junior champion, 2015 Grand Prix Final bronze medalist. Trains in Nagoya, Japan – coached by Machiko Yamada, Mihoko Higuchi.

2014 Olympic bronze medalist, 2013 World silver medalist, 2015 World bronze medalist . Trains in El Segundo, California – coached by Frank Carroll.


2016 Chinese champions.  Train in Beijing – coached by Hongbo Zhao, Bing Han.

2016 Japanese champions. Train in Montreal – coached by Richard Gauthier, Bruno Marcotte.

TEAM CAPTAIN – Shizuka Arakawa

Japan’s Shizuka Arakawa is the 2006 Olympic champion. Her win marked the first time an Asian woman won the Olympic title, and, at 24 years old, Arakawa became the oldest ladies Olympic figure skating champion in more than 80 years. She currently skates professionally and is a producer for “Friends on Ice.” In 2012, she became the youngest executive board member of the Japan Figure Skating Federation.



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