Alexander Lakernik for ISU F.S Vice President Candidate

Alexander Lakernik’s Vision Statement for his Candidacy for ISU Figure Skating Vice President


I N T E R N A T I O N A L  S K A T I N G  U N I O N



Family Name of Candidate: LAKERNIK

First/Given Name of Candidate: ALEXANDER

Nationality of Candidate: Russia

In case of dual or multiple nationality, indicate the decisive nationality for possible ISU Office Holder Status and provide genuine link (see Art. 9/3 of ISU Constitution the ISU may request proof of citizenship/residency status):

Country of Residence: Russia

Residence in this country since: Birth

E-mail :

Date of birth of Candidate: 12.02.1945

Gender of Candidate: Male: Female:

ISU Member affiliation of Candidate: The Figure Skating Federation of Russia

ISU Member proposing the Candidate: The Figure Skating Federation of Russia

Position(s) the Candidate is nominated for:

(It is understood that once elected into a position the elected individual cannot stand anymore for another position being subsequently elected)

President Figure Skating: X

Figure Skating Council member: X

I N T E R N A T I O N A L  S K A T I N G  U N I O N


Lomonosov Moscow State University, mathematician, 1968

candidate of science, physics-mathematics, 1991

dozent, 1993

Current or most recent professional activity:

Moscow State University of Communications and Informatics – Department of mathematical analysis, professor, Vice-Chair of the Department since 1991


Mother Tongue: Russian

English: Spoken and written: X

Other Languages:

German (a little)

Competitive Ice Skating activity/experience:

Single Skating X

International and/or national best results:

national competitions, 1956 – 1968


I N T E R N A T I O N A L  S K A T I N G  U N I O N

Officiating Activities:

List ISU Officiating status, i.e. inclusion in ISU Lists for ISU Referee, International Referee, ISU Starter, ISU Competitor Steward, ISU Technical Controller, ISU Technical Specialist, ISU Judge, International Judge by indicating discipline (Speed Skating, Short Track, Single & Pair Skating, Ice Dance, Synchronized Skating) and period of time of being on the ISU List:

International Judge Single & Pair Skating, 1985-1992

International Referee Single & Pair Skating, 1992-1996

ISU Judge Single & Pair Skating, 1993-1996

ISU Referee Single & Pair Skating, 1996-2015

ISU Technical Controller Single & Pair Skating, 2004-2015

International Judge Synchronized Skating, beginning of 1990s


Other ice skating officiating activities/involvement:

Judge/Assistant Referee/Technical Controller at 4 Olympic Winter Games

– Judge/Referee/Assistant Referee/Technical Controller at 33 ISU Championships

Judge/Referee/Assistant Referee/Technical Controller at 58 other ISU Events

Moderator of more than 60 ISU Officials Seminars


ISU Office Holder Status:

List position(s) held as ISU Office Holder (elected and/or appointed) and corresponding period(s):

ISU Single/Pair Technical Committee Member, 1994-2002

ISU Single/Pair Technical Committee Chairperson, 2002 till now


Other involvement/activities in ice skating or other international sports in particular but not limited in sports administration:

one of the creators of the current ISU Judging System, member of the ad hoc Committee (later Commission) on the New Judging System

Member of the Executive Committee and a Vice President of the Figure Skating Federation of Russia


I N T E R N A T I O N A L  S K A T I N G  U N I O N


What is the motivation of your candidature? (in lieu of published manifesto)

High knowledge of Figure Skating disciplines, good Communications Skills, good abilities of team work and of analytic reasoning.

Ready to work in a Team together with the new President and the Council on all matters, especially on determining the strategy of further development of ISU sports. Positive aspects to be preserved, but some old fashioned items might be deleted. Cooperation between the Council and the Technical Committees to be improved.

Ready to pay serious attention to all ISU disciplines. In Figure Skating: single skating and ice dance – to have more countries with high level skaters, pair skating – to have more pairs and countries which develop it, synchronized skating – to make it an Olympic sport.

The main product and the main value of the ISU are the skaters. We should pay the utmost attention to the development aspects, helping the ISU Members to grow new generations of skaters. The following steps among other actions could be considered to achieve this goal:

1) Increase ISU expenses for the Development Program.

2) Determine priorities of the developments program and plan the expenses for every year taking into account worldwide practice camps, regional practice camps and expenses of the ISU Members.

3) The help to the ISU Members should be directed not only for organizing events, but also to create the structure for bringing up the athletes. 4) In this respect joint efforts of several neighboring countries could be beneficial. 5) The financial support (scholarships) to prominent young athletes proved to help in their development and should be brought back; the criteria for granting these scholarships should be clear and better defined.

It is of vital importance to regain the interest of public to our sport. The following steps could help:

1) Analysis of possible changes in the format of the competitions and Championships as well as judging aspects for a better interest of TV, digital and arena viewers. The programs, warm-ups, judging periods could become a bit shorter, viewers could receive more information during skating and in the period between performances. In this period some action should be going on.

2) Simplification of the Technical Rules with the goal of better understanding and remembering by officials, coaches, skaters and audience.

3) “Short program” and “free skating” could have a bigger difference in their content, the first being more technical and the second more artistic; finally we could arrive to (actual and not “small”) medals for each part as well as for their combination.

4) New kinds of events should be encouraged, such as team events, ice theater and others. 5) A thorough, careful study of the “anonymity” of judging should be conducted. 6) In any case the service of the officials should be highly respected, but there must be a fair, consistent system of evaluation of the quality of this service; the work in this direction should be continued.

I N T E R N A T I O N A L  S K A T I N G  U N I O N

Candidates and proposing Member’s confirmation:

By signing this Form the Candidate and the proposing Member confirm that the information given in this Form is accurate and complete.

By signing this Form a Candidate confirms that he/she does not hold the position of President/Chair of an ISU Member or that, if such position is currently held by the Candidate, he/she confirms that if appointed to ISU Office he/she will without delay resign that position with immediate effect.

By signing this Form the Candidate confirms having carefully read the contents of the 2014 ISU Constitution, in particular but not limited to the obligations of ISU Office Holders, as well as the ISU Code of Ethics (ISU Communication No. 1717) and confirms to meet and respect all criteria and conditions stated therein.

Proposing ISU Member: The Figure Skating Federation of Russia

Date: 10.03.2016

Signature President: Signature General Secretary or equivalent:

Alexander Gorshkov Alexander Kogan, Director General

Candidate: Lakernik Alexander

Date: 10.03.2016



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