International Adult Figure Skating Competition

06/13/2016 – 06/18/2016

venue: Eissportzentrum Oberstdorf

For the first time the event was held in 2006 with international participation in Oberstdorf, where the audience but not the “typical” figure skating competition experienced. Despite official rating system, the usual categories (single run women / men, pair skating, ice dancing) or the classification into different performance classes, the ISU Adult Figure Skating Competition was a competition of a different kind. In a relaxed and rousing atmosphere the men and women showed the age 28-78 years their skills on the ice. In the categories Master Elite, Master, gold, silver and bronze, mainly for the division was skill and experience, had the runners to complete a program with certain minimum requirements. Presented were slight step sequences in addition to simple basic techniques, as well as demanding jumps and spins.Especially former athletes “it wanted to know again” proved themselves, with skillful performances. No less entertaining as amusing, the participants were in the simplest, the bronze class.The technique or perfect choreography stood at more behind, rather the expression and enthusiasm listed here.


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