President Jan Dijkema and Mr. Ottavio Cinquanta

10 Jun 2016 – Dubrovnik, Croatia

The International Skating Union’s 56th Ordinary Congress concluded on June 10, 2016 in Dubrovnik (CRO) with the elections of the ISU Office Holders. The ISU 56th Ordinary Congress elected the following persons to ISU Office:

ISU Council

After a second round of voting the new ISU President was elected.

President:  Mr. Jan Dijkema (NED)  63 votes

First Vice President Speed Skating:  Mr. Tron Espeli (NOR) 71 votes

Second Vice President Figure Skating:  Mr. Alexander Lakernik (RUS) 81 votes

Speed Skating Council Members
Ms. Yang Yang (CHN) 102 votes
Mr. Jae Youl Kim (KOR) 97 votes
Mr. Stoytcho Stoytchev (BUL) 93 votes
Mr. Rolland Maillard (SUI) 76 votes
Mr. Sergio Anesi (ITA) 72 votes

Figure Skating Council Members:    
Ms. Junko Hiramatsu (JPN) 94 votes
Ms. Patricia St. Peter (USA) 93 votes
Ms. Marie Lundmark (FIN) 91 votes
Mr. Benoit Lavoie (CAN) 85 votes
Ms. Maria Teresa Samaranch (ESP) 67 votes

Disciplinary Commission
The Disciplinary Commission was elected by acclamation. A vote took place to determine the order of the Disciplinary Commission members.
Chair: Mr. Volker Waldeck (GER)
Members: Mr. Allan Bohm (SLO) 44 votes
Ms. Susan Petricevic (NZL) 37 votes
Mr. Albert Hazelhoff (NED) 34 votes

Technical Committees

Speed Skating
Chair: Mr. Alexander Kibalko (RUS) 26 votes
Members: Mr. Nick Thometz (USA) 49 votes
Mr. Jae Seok Choi (KOR) 41 votes
Mr. Christian Breuer (GER) 40 votes

Short Track Speed Skating
Chair: Ms. Nathalie Lambert (CAN) 37 votes
Members: Mr. Reinier Oostheim (NED) 37 votes
Mr. Xun Xu (CHN) 34 votes
Mr. Satoru Terao (JPN) 29 votes

Synchronized Skating
Chair: Mr. Christophe Buchanan (GBR)  37 votes
Members: Mr. Mika Saarelainen FIN  60 votes
Ms. Petra Tyrbo SWE 58 votes
Ms. Lois Long USA 38 votes

Single & Pair Skating
The Chair of the Single & Pairs Skating Technical Committee was elected by acclamation
Chair: Mr. Fabio Bianchetti (ITA)
Members: Ms. Susan Lynch AUS 46 votes (first elected)
Ms. Yukiko Okabe JPN 46 votes
Ms. Rita Zonnekeyn BEL 41 votes

Ice Dance
Chair: Ms. Halina GORDON-POLTORAK POL53 votes
Members: Mr. Shawn Rettstatt USA  51 votes
Ms. Alla Shekhovtsova RUS 47 votes
Ms. Hilary Selby GBR                     38 votes

After 41 years as ISU Office Holder and 22 years as ISU President, Mr. Ottavio Cinquanta was awarded the title of Honorary President. Congress Delegates paid tribute to him with a long standing ovation.
Others to have been elected as Honorary Members include:

  • Vice President David Dore was elected post-mortem as Honorary Vice President
  • Council members Phyllis Howard, Tjasa Andrée-Prosenc, German Panov, Lan Li and György Martos as Honorary Members.
  • Former Ice Dance Technical Committee members Alexander Gorshkov, Ann Shaw and Olga Gilardini as Honorary Members
  • Peter Krick as Honorary Member


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