Alla Loboda – Pavel Drozd interview

Time after the Junior World Championship bronze medalists for the championship in Debrecen dance duo Alla Loboda – Pavel Drozd dawned very busy.Letting GCSE Alla, Paul’s trip to Spain with a view to improving the Spanish language, then setting programs for the upcoming season and working with a new director Frenchman Benoit Richard. But everything in order to interview the guys gave FFKKR site.

– Let’s start with main as the work goes on with new programs?

Paul : Work on them started even before we left on vacation. And we tried to think through new elements tvizzly, support … and started to put the program after the holidays.

Alla: collection started on 1 June. To us came director Richard Benoit.

– Why did you decide to invite him?

Paul: It was the idea of our coach Xenia Gennadievna (Rumiantseva – approx. ) And Oleg Gennadievich Volkova, which is now also working with us. Try something new, especially with a foreign director is very interesting, because it’s a different style, a different view of figure skating. Since we are always in search, then this practice never hurts. Junior skating – it is always a search for the new, it is some kind of development, a kind of experiment, so we decided to do something different from what it was before, to add style liberty latitude natural skating.

Loboda Drozd1

– Details can tell how the work was staged?

Alla: Performances took not much time. Benoit was a lot of different ideas, but an arbitrary time frame of the program are limited to 3 minutes and 30 seconds. He gave us a short part of the dance, we have worked with him mainly on the blues. It was interesting, because he is very active and creative person.

Paul: In total, setting an arbitrary program took 3 days, over a part of the short work another day. (We will swing and blues). Then another half a day together worked out that put. And although we did one piece rentals of both programs, but rather the work ahead. Now we engaged in scrubbing programs. Clean out the steps to have everything clearly in focus, rather than running the music. We keep in touch with Benoit, we send him the video that he was aware of our work.

Alla: Very valuable, that he is a fan of the matter continues to be interested in, thinks, says that it is possible to improve, change, if any points are not obtained.

– Last season, Richard helped Lisa Tuktamysheva with new programs and continues to work with a group of Alexei Mishin, collaborated with Igor Shpilband … That is, the Frenchman is not new to figure skating.

Paul : He also works with Alexei Urmanov, Denis Vasilevsom. Benoit – a former dancer, which is important for us.

Allah: He trained at Zaza Muriel in Lyon and, indeed, helps many skaters.

Paul : I think Benoit added to our program is something new of their own. Who is primarily valued couples, is distinguished by its characteristic style, has a natural skating, soft slide that allows them to become leaders. Looking for a duo, you do not think, as people do, and simply enjoy what they saw. All this looks naturally, freely, extensively. This lightweight modern.

Alla : When movements are logical and not feigned.

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– But who does not like you, the professionals, to understand that behind that apparent ease is worth a lot of work on improving the technology. What has changed in this regard in your preparation?

Alla : The work on technique helps us a lot, Oleg G. Volkov. Explains every hit, every impact, how to do it correctly, it is better; examines every detail, so that we were comfortable. It’s great that we are in training at any moment can turn to him and ask. He almost always with us on the ice in the skates himself all shows.

Paul : I think a big plus that changed our team as a whole. With us, and before that worked fine coaches Xenia G. and Catherine V. Volobueva other people, but added a new wave of new trends. A new, as I have said, it is always valuable. Since we started working a new choreographer Igor Rasporsky, with support helps acrobat Daniel Saranin Andrei Filonov.Plus Oleg Volkov has been a lot of sliding, working off of elements. Each brings something different, and that the base, which has been accumulated in previous years, overgrown with new details.  I hope that we will make progress, that our programs have felt somewhat different style. Previously, we gave preference to classics, immediately put a little bit more. Not to say that this abrupt change of image, but we tried to keep our strengths and add new.

– What do you want to change in your programs?

Paul: I would like to add emotion openness and freedom in riding style, latitude. To avoid this: stepped widely, but attached to it a lot of effort, so that all that was freely and naturally. The French and cling Papadakis – Cizeron? Their programs look very light, organic, not feigned, though it should be. To achieve this result really difficult, but they do it, and like skating judges, so they appreciate the French duo.

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– What do you think of the new season how many couples will dance to imitate the French? And if it’s good?

Paul: In my opinion, to imitate someone – wrong, why I say that every couple should have their own personal style. When people ask me about idols, I answer that I do not have. I like the separate productions programs, and from them I draw something interesting for themselves. In some duets notice the remarkable relationship in dance, others – awesome slide, the third – the unusual items … Of course, it is necessary to learn from the best examples, but do not copy someone else’s, and create their own.

– Summer months you’ll have a complete, managed to take a breath, take a break?

Paul : I spent a wonderful holiday. I went to Spain, perfecting your Spanish. Within a month, did not use a single word of English, spoke only Spanish. And it was immediately noticeable as people are located, are open when they hear the native language. I felt it from the first conversation with the taxi driver when we left the airport. Everyone asked how many years I have been studying Spanish? And when answered that five months, then asked how I do it. Pleasant thing was, when I was not at all perceived as a tourist, thought that a local.

We looked at different places in Spain. Prior to that, at the final Grand Prix I was in Barcelona, ​​we are now visited Madrid, Seville, visited Tenerife. Madrid – it is a purely Spanish city of Seville and was influenced by the Moors, the Moorish style. Tenerife struck stunned nature. We rested in the southern part of the island, but we tried all the time somewhere to get out, because the stupid lie on the beach I did not get.Climbed the volcano, were in the national park, we went to Los Gigantos, where sheer cliffs. By the way, there and the water is warmer because the rocks are heated and retain heat. People everywhere are very open, but life in different cities of Spain and on the islands is different. Even the language of the islands a little different. We have traveled all over Tenerife.The first week went on excursions and Valanio Beach, and on the second I gradually entered into shape – run, OFP. I combine pleasant and necessary.

– Alla, and you had to leave to take school exams?

Alla : I passed the exams immediately after the Junior World Championship, ahead of schedule. A holiday with my mother and sister held in the United Arab Emirates. The weather was lucky. Usually at this time hotter, and when we arrived, there were only 30 degrees – normal. Watched Dubai, went on excursions. All liked it.

– At the prom in the school I was able to visit?

Alla : No, I was on the last call, because at that time, charges have not yet started, and the exhaust missed.

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– What are your impressions of the last call?

Ala: It was interesting to plunge into the atmosphere of the school. But even more interesting was to read the wishes from classmates, their letters gave me, along with a certificate. Some classmates wrote: strange mysterious girl … Imagine! It so happened that two schools in the last year combined, it’s a lot of new guys, and I graduated from high school in which all attended this year, and taking into account the schedule of events, classmates not seen often, and therefore received such letters.

– To finish our interview sporting theme, as it seems to you, what will you for the upcoming season?Harder or easier based on what you have already participated in the World Cup, gained experience.

Paul: It is a double edged sword, because this is our last year in juniors, which imposes certain responsibilities. In fact, we know that just a year left.On the other hand, a big plus in the fact that we have participated in the final of the Grand Prix World Championship. Consequently, opponents know what to expect in such important competitions.

Ala : But, regardless of anything we put in front of the bar to improve our skating, learn new things.

Paul : In any case should not be stagnant, need to progress from year to year, to move on, even more so that we have room to grow.

Olga Ermolina

Photo by Yulia Komarova and their personal archive skaters.

In pictures : Richard Benoit with the director; Paul holiday in Tenerife; shkolny last call at Alla.


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