Irina Zhuk – Alexander Pork interview

The coaches Irina Zhuk and Alexander Svinin explained why for setting free dance Alexandra Stepanova – Ivan Bukin invited the new expert, and talked about the preparation of the other students for the upcoming season.

– Let’s start with Sasha and Vanya, why and for what you have invited Peter Chernyshov put the children free program?

AS – The idea to call someone from the matured long ago. The fact is that over the years we have set ourselves and Sasha Van junior and adult programs. The program receives different, quite good, they liked.And it’s not just our opinion, but also by the response. But at some point we decided that we need a new man with his thoughts, views, creative ideas. A year ago, to help deliver the program for Stepanova – Bukin, we turned to Peter Chernyshov. This encouraged us and director Tatiana Tarasova. Peter answered: “With pleasure,” and this spring work has begun.


Together we found the music for the free dance. Our idea, but Pete took pieces that completed the program. All the guys in April they were engaged in staging the work, and the beginning of summer it was delivered. We went to see how the process goes, but did not advise anything. Fully gave Pete the initiative. Then he looked at the overall program. We liked. What we planned what we wanted, namely, that the program was different, and the guys in it looked different, in our opinion, it failed. The result was a completely new program, which we achieved by joint efforts. Thanks to Peter Chernyshov, because in many respects it is to his credit. It’s nice that the guys took this step and work with pleasure.

I should add that after the World Cup in Boston, Sasha and Vanya changed.Apparently, each athlete retracted its specific time period, during which the maturation and then spills out all accumulated that has been developed and purchased. All this in different ways, one needs more time to other less.Artificially accelerate this process can not be because it is associated with the development of the individual, growing up. It remains to be seen when the person survives, and is aware of any situations of life, will begin to understand more deeply and to understand human relationships. You can teach an athlete to anything, but it can not teach professional maturation. The athlete must accumulate a certain baggage of experience, knowledge, before the fire at some point. It seems to me that the guys came close to this level.By working with them, I see that many things they have to pass through itself and show it in the programs. And it is already skating in an adult, other relationships, other emotions, a different view of reality.

– How does this impact on the short dance?

I.Zh. – Short Dance set ourselves. And work on it was really easy, because the guys listened to her and tried to do something to pull from within. For the first time over the years, Sasha and Vanya, we saw that they want to do more than they can. They have learned to skate together, breathe together, to be one. Not only in the movements, but in the head. They began to read the thoughts of a partner positively and to be sensitive to each other, without any boos, small and unnecessary offense. We previously praised them, saying that they are getting better and better, but now they have become professionals. God grant that all of these changes have contributed to further growth, and for this the couple has everything: appliances, mutual understanding and a common goal.

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– What’s new in their programs?

I.Zh. – Brand new elements. None of the old left. Tvizzly not repeat. In any we left “pistols”, but they do it differently.Peter has found an unusual interesting nuances. In short tvizzly brand we will not do, decided to remove. The other elements – support, transitions, ligaments are made ​​differently.

– Attracting Natalia Bestemyanova and Andrei Bukin was necessary to have a look from the outside?

AS – In any case, much depends on the team. The main link in this athletes because they show the result of the overall work. An important element, of course, the coaches, because they determine what kind of coach the team create. Since this year we have tried to do something new, and therefore invited as many new skills so that they not only pointed out the error, but also made ​​suggestions. It’s nice that Natasha and Andrew agreed to help – see, evaluate and give their versions. We are pleased to have taken such a step, because there are open for cooperation. Good advice given Tatiana Tarasova, who had seen the new children program. I believe that we must always listen to advice from outside, to analyze, to try, to correct the defects, but in this case will move forward.

– What other professionals included in your team?


A. – In our group of 10 pairs – two adults, juniors and the rest pervorazryadnikom, so it is clear that we need helpers.This Volobuev Vanya, which is almost always with us on the ice, put a small program to children. By the way, when we were gathering in Novogorske, Vanya is left on the farm. He is so cool and well-prepared young guys that we do not even hide the surprise – thanked him for the work done. Every year Vanya growing as a coach, is now doing a lot of things, not as an athlete, and meaningful – clearly explains the shows. Ivan trained with us, so similar equipment, looks, in a word, is built a certain system. The same can be said about Dasha Morozova, who coaches kids. She found herself in this work, and her children are very fond of.

The most warm words deserves choreographer Alain Samara, which is a real pro. She kept us on the ice, in the room, a lot of work on their own with the guys. And not just work out of the program, and looking up with offers – new hand movement.

I.Zh. – This year we have attracted Sergei Grechushkina – acrobat from the circus on the colored Boulevard. Many remember him for the TV project “Without insurance”. Sergei Bukin Van purposefully helped in the work on the supports. Katya Vinogradova taught Sasha and Vanya hip-hop.

A. – We were in the classroom Katie and myself felt the force of her power. Movement that it shows a fairly complex and not all turn out. And she does not need everything exactly right and repeat. You just have to be in the dance, dance as you can. And indeed, all dancing, because it manages to ignite people. Her lessons plant itself, you feel completely liberated.


I.Zh . – Alice and Alex Grebenyuk Skopintsev skaters involved with our support groups and rock ‘n’ roll. The most important thing that all the experts, new and old, people with tremendous energy. They just charged us, the coaches, and the guys positive. And that in any job is a very important point, because it relieves stress and variety to routine training.

A. – Of course, the invaluable assistance provided by the RPT coach Michael war. It is possible to train a person to put his program, but if there are no forces of their vykatat, then no one would see anything. Michael has been with us for years. He is a very creative person with interesting ideas. It is noteworthy that it creates a program on physical training taking into account the specifics of ice dancing. It makes individual plans for each athlete, which is very important.

I.Zh. – With this season with our group started to work a strong team of doctors. Plus, of course, Jeanne Simak psychologist, who helped the children in the last season.

– You have mentioned that the group is now 10 pairs. Tell us about the other details.

I.Zh. – Anastasia Shpilevaya – Grigory Smirnov. Very original pair. Last season was a kind of guys. It began with severe trauma partner, and then not entirely successful performances at the Junior Grand Prix because Nastia did not have enough time to recover. But we must pay tribute to the girl, she behaved just heroically. After the first starts of the guys went by leaps and bounds and did even more than we had planned. Head start for them was the Youth Olympic Games. And Shpilevaya – Smirnov not only to selected, but also won. They were great in the Russian championship, got on the Junior World Championships, where the first time entered the top five. Season had a decent, but the main thing that in any event does not allow any blunder. The work plan for this pair have no complaints. Guys great exercise, take care of themselves not only on the ice but also outside it. Anastasia looks like Thumbelina, though now an age when girls get better. Very clever refers to everything that concerns life outside the rink. That is true of Grisha. It fulfills all the requirements of our coach PFD – swinging, he wants to be a better, more powerful.

This year’s program for children will be totally different. In that season, they had a free dance to music from the film “The Umbrellas of Cherbourg”, this time – “Neapolitan tarantella.” Crazy fiery dance that they really are, they bathe in it.

Short – blues, swing. Features all-new, unique, tvizzly left earlier, but improved their taps, outlets.


AS – Sofia Shevchenko – Igor Eremenko. Free program will be different from what it was last year. New delivered in a cheerful style – latin, slow movement – bachata. Last season, the pair made ​​its debut in the junior stage of the Grand Prix, and the move to take third place. During the summer, children grown up, changed their attitude to work, realized that they could compete with the leaders.

Generally, when one group trained two junior pairs of the same age, you get a very good sparring. If an athlete clever brain and the right attitude, then such a situation, it extracts a lot of useful and necessary, which affects the riding and the results. We really like that pair Shpilevaya – Smirnov and Shevchenko – Eremenko, exercising together, work very well and serve.And behind them are drawn and other young duos.

I.Zh. – All the students we teach to work independently. To not under duress, when, as soon as the coach turned away, then stopped and athletes “smeared” on the sides, and trained with the understanding why they come and do it. The more they understand faster, the faster the results will come.

– You have appeared and new pairs.

I.Zh. – Yanovska Anya and Ivan Guryanov train with us. But this pair is a lot of work. Dima Mikhailov got in a couple of Eve Kutz. The girl from St. Petersburg. In figure recalls Sasha Stepanov. At first I was a little frightened by the move to another city, but is gradually revealed.

Dima Mikhailov after his former couple broke up, worked on the show, came back and said that he wants to continue in the sport. We only welcome it. The boy grew up, gained experience. The couple turned out pretty. Looking at the guys in the group, they are great to add.

But the duo Julia Tultseva – Gregory Yakushev collapsed. The girl grew up, and externally with partner not married. Julia turned to a group of Svetlana Alexeeva – Elena Kustarova, and Gregory began to ride with Xenia Konkin Alexei Gorshkov.


– Traditional question before the start of the season, what tasks do you set for students?

AS – Every season is an important, and in this sense, the problem is not too much different. Adult couples is important to show a good side, first at the box office, then in the season.

I.Zh. – Sasha and Vanya wait performances on the stages of the Grand Prix, and with the return of award-winning Canadians Virtue – Moir competition only intensified. An important starting point for our children will be the championship of Russia, Europe and the world championships, God forbid, to take away. The potential they have.

As for the juniors, the guys are working to grow. Our wish them – great ride – pure, technical, artistic, revealing all that they can. And they can a lot.


Prepared by Olga Ermolina

Photo by Yulia Komarova (archive) and from the personal archives of skaters.

In pictures: Alexandra Stepanova and Ivan Bukin and Pyotr Chernyshev; Alain Samara and a new duo Eva Kuts – Dmitry Mikhailov; Anastasia Shpilevaya – Grigory Smirnov; Sofia Shevchenko, Ivan Bukin and Igor Eremenko; Coach Ivan Volobuev helps young sportsenam.


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