Preseason 2016/2017 in Russia and Canada


Numerous DEU athletes have chosen a preseason abroad to gain new impressions in courses or training camps and to be able to compete with international competition in daily training.

Anett Pötzsch flew with Franz Streubel, Lutricia Bock, Lea Dastich, Paula Mikolajczyk and Franziska Kettl the Canadian Toronto to prepare for an international training camp with the world champion coach Brian Orser on the season.



Frankziska, Lea, trainer Anett Pötzsch and Paula in Toronto

The junior pair skating pair Talisa Thomalla and Robert Kunkel from Berlin have decided to participate in the pairs figure skating course the ISU in Sochi. Robert and Talisa have written upon their return a report, which we like to publish here:

International Paarlauf offspring met for training in Sochi

Almost 3000 km as the crow or seven hour flight with Aeroflot and stay in Moscow was our ten-day training camp in Sochi away. Here met, in scenic fantastic location, couples from around the world to ISU Pair Development Seminar of 22 6 to 07/02/2016. The athletes came both from Europe and from the United States and even Australia and were aged between 13 and 20 years old.
The trip to Sochi was privately organized by us and to the airport were my 13-year-old partner Talisa and I, Robert (17), on our own. From arrival worked the perfect Russian organization of the organizer: From the airport, we were in a modern, right by the Black Sea located hotel, the Sirius Education Center (for highly gifted and talented children and young people from sports, art, music, science and technology ) passed. The house that normal tourists do not open, has next to its own beach on an extensive spa area, which has been used by us in the following days after strenuous exercise periods and intense love. We were accommodated in 2-bed rooms. My roommate, the 18 year old Paarläufer Pietro, came from Spain. The good organization of the ambience was even surpassed by the perfect alignment of the course. A compact training program of seven daily hours at the world-renowned coaches Alexey Urmanov (single hop) (RUS), Robin Szolkowy (pair members) (GER), Vladislav Zhovnirsky (pair members) (RUS), Nina Mozer (Head Coach) and Igor Klyukov (athletics and ballet) (RUS) demanded by all participants the utmost. To increase efficiency, smaller training groups were set up after the age. My partner and I Talisa practiced along with three Russian couples. Language problems between the Russian coaches, the English were not so good, and we Germans, broke the organizer by specially organized a Russian-English interpreter, who translated for our benefit. The coach went individually to us, referred both previous experiences and weaknesses. We practiced intensely new, more sophisticated elements in preparation for the new season. So here we reach the Dreifachwurftoelopp who Dreifachwurfsalchow and we also practiced the triple throw Lutz. Great progress reach us even with pirouettes and death spirals, we improved our italics.

Among us couples, regardless of language barriers, close friendships in the time. Joint training experiences welded together and also the one or other painful contact with the ground, which is inevitable in our sport, could be in a team that we were within a short time put away easily.


After five days of training, there was also an afternoon – it was finally in a foreign country, far away from home and had seen nothing of Sochi except the airport, the hotel and the ice rinks. What include a winter sports at its only free afternoon? Sure, the site of the 2014 Winter Olympics Robin Szolkowy was so friendly with Talisa and to depart me on Segways the huge area. Since apparently the Segways in Russia have no built-in speed reduction, the trip was a blast.

If something is really great, I enjoy and is an indelible experience, it is usually much too fast. Before we knew it, we were back on the return flight to Berlin.
We have also taken a lot: Many sporting experience, an idea in which direction our sports development must continue, but also that much effort will be needed to tackle the benefits of the other pair skater to keep pace.

Sochi has commanded us much, but also demonstrated that the continued success much effort will be needed. Russian coaches have offered us the option to attend additional courses in Russia. Given the financial support of the German Skating Union would be necessary.

Finally we would like to especially thank Robin Szolkowy, who provided us with his not self-evident use not only sporty but also privately very supportive in Russia.

July 2016, Talisa Thomala, Robert Kunkel



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