“Russian figure star Ksenia Stolbova against doping

Information about the figure skater Ksenia Stolbovoy, common number of Russian media, was incorrect translation WADA chapters of the report of the commission on Doping in Russian sport Richard McLaren.

Some Russian media have hastened to write that the report refers to the athlete – winner and Olympic silver medalist, whose doping samples were tampered with in connection with the fact that the DNA mismatch. Based on the above, it was concluded that, under this category will only fit one Russian Ksenia Stolbov.

However, a careful reading of the text of the report turned out that nowhere in this section, no direct evidence that this is about the Olympic Games, held it in Sochi in 2014.Moreover in different places of the report used the pronouns “he” and “she”.

According to the doctors of the Russian national figure skating athlete Ksenia Stolbov since childhood is prone to all sorts of allergic reactions to medications, so to receive medications always treated very seriously and very carefully. Many people know that for a long time Stolbov refuses medication, as this may result in allergic shock, posing a real threat to her life.

Figure Skating Federation of Russia (FFKKR) is committed to protect the honor and dignity of a member of the Russian national team Olympic champion and silver medalist of the Olympic Games 2014 Xenia Stolbovoy from all sorts of speculation and innuendo. In addition, we consider it necessary to remind the media of the existing law on the media, which contains clauses on the spread of unverified and false information.

Olga Ermolina

Photo by Yulia Komarova

source: fsrussia.ru/


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