Elena Kustarova “Nastya and Kirill missed a lot, so we were very mobilized in preparation for the season”

Elena Kustarova – dance coach for Anastasia Skoptsova/Cyril Alyoshin- told the students about the new program and explained why the guys were forced to intensify preparations for the new season.

“For this season we prepared in Moscow, our ongoing basis. Director Oleg Ivanov school we created all the conditions. We had and ice, and the hall was next to the stadium, where athletes can run, engage in GPP. So we quietly practiced at home as much as they wanted.

We invited a lot of different specialists.Choreographers from Rostov-on-Don Sergey Valentinovich Nikulshina that cooperates with us for years. Helped Dmitry Ionov. Some sketches offered and did our teacher of ballroom dancing Mikhail Soloviev. And we, all together, with Olga Nikolaevna Riabinina Alekseeva and Svetlana Lvovna painstakingly sculpted.

Preparations for the new season was not easy, because Cyril spring cut appendicitis. The whole of April and May partner recovered. Nastia this time riding alone. In June, we began productions. Children themselves understand that a lot of missed, late, so we were very mobilized. We worked fruitfully. It is clear that now they are not in the form in which we would like to see them, but the time is. A train Nastya and Kirill very cool.

Of course, last season, participated in the junior stage of the Grand Prix series finale, bronze medals in the Junior Olympics have added them confidence. Even the guys have matured. Choreographers who have worked with them, too, it noted. They said the couple began to appear new paint, they can give and put a more adult programs, because they are able to express it.

Short Dance Nastya and Kirill consists of blues (Michael Bolton At Last) and swing (JYP My Baby), a free program made music with vocals O Mar E Tu (Dueto com George Dalaras). Dance about love. About a young man and a girl, about modern life.Actually, I want to say that all the arbitrary program of dancing couples anyway about love, just this topic is covered in different interpretations. Love and passion at all times remain unchanged. This is forever. The kids like the program. Rain, which experts say “, – commented Elena Kustarova.

Olga Ermolina

Photo Olga Timokhova (archive)



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