Figure, which kicks off the season of Junior Grand Prix

Will Daniel Grassl (Young Goose Academy) andLucrezia Gennaro (2001 Srl) the first blues engaged in the new season of Junior Grand Prix 2016/17 . From tomorrow until Saturday at St.Gervais , in France , our two athletes fact take part in the first stage of the international circuit in the highly anticipated event debut. Official designations for the Grand Prix, those of the two azzurrini as of all the other skaters of the National, previously agreed by the fisg with the company affiliation of the athletes and the respective coaches and final already at least as regards the individual, while for the choice of the two artistic couples will be the decisive test of Lombardia Trophy, to be held in Bergamo from 8 to 11 September.

So, after the French test to Daniel Grassl and Lucrezia Gennaro, three will then hand the stages that will see our young athletes in September, from 7 to 11 in Yokohama (Japan), with the race still Grassl Daniel and Elizabeth Leccardi (Agora Skating Team), 14-18 in Saransk (Russia) engaged with Adrien Bannister (SSDs Ltd. IceLab) andChiara Calderone (Agora Skating Team), and finally 21-25 in Ljubljana, Slovenia, where he will perform Matteo Rizzo (SSD srl IceLab) and Lucrezia Gennaro. Rizzo always accompanied the female, however, by Sara Casella (Ice Club Torino ASD), will then also the protagonist in the last race in Dresden, Germany, October 5 to 9. Among men the alternates nominated for all the Grand Prix events are Alessandro Fadini (New Fiemme Hockey Club 97) and Marco Zandron (Ice Skating Bolzano), while for women when there are no substitutes.

There are three artistic couples vying for a place in the race in the last two stages of the Junior Grand Prix in Tallin (Estonia) from 29 September to 2 October and Dresden October 5 to 9: theseIrma Caldara and Edward Caputo (Forum SSDRL),Damiana Celi and Nicholas Macii (Young Goose Academy), and Giulia Foresti and Leo Luca Sforza(New Fiemme Hockey Club 97). A choice, as mentioned, will be taken only after the Lombardy Trophy September 8-11, in order to have a result of official competition. An appointment, the Italian next month, of particular importance because it called to open the circuit Isu Challenge Series 2016/17.


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