“If you start to figure out which one of the partners better, bigger and more talented, the sense will not be”

Alexey Sokolov – sports coach duo Alina Ustimkina – Nikita Volodin told about the changes that have taken place with the athletes after the success of last season, the new plans and preparations for the upcoming starts.

“In the summer we were at the training camp in Sochi and Sweden, and then trained in St. Petersburg.Changed both programs at the end of the season made new. I put them Valentin Molotov. We are finalizing the program now. The kids help choreographer Roman Solovyev. He has only recently started to work with us.

At the end of last season, we thought as we complicate the technical part. Plan to do two triple jumps. The release of a triple toe loop obtained the guys very well, even wanted to try a quad. The room also did a four backspin. However, a quarter nedokruchivali, but generally I receive the items. But when, in July began to ride, it took a lot of accumulated. It is not that complicated, it was necessary to remember what we did before …

This process goes on. Children gradually come in the form. Regarding complications, it is decided that it is better to do consistently what we can do than threaten to ultra-si …

Last season the guys turned out quite successful – they won bronze medals Junior Olympics in Lillehammer, won Spartakiad, older Russian championship. Experience and confidence increased.But Alina and Nikita is now an age when sometimes it among themselves, and with them is quite difficult to negotiate.

Alina – calm, balanced by nature. Nikita slightly different. He – man of moods. Each partner needs its own approach, under each have to adapt. Most importantly, children need to understand that the pair – it is not two single skater and one. And success in the pair depends on the interaction and mutual understanding. If you start to find out who is better, bigger and more talented, then nothing will. This period of “rolling” plan lapping partners must pass. If you guys are all well understood, and the progress of the work will go faster “, – said Alexei Sokolov.

Olga Ermolina

Photo by Mikhail SHAROVA



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