Outstanding coach Igor Moskvin celebrate a birthday at the rink

Igor Moskvin

The first domestic skater, who in 1956, in tandem with Maya Belenkaya took part in the European Championships in the competition of sports pairs.

Three-time champion of the USSR in figure skating.

The standard-bearer of the Olympic team of the USSR at the closing ceremony of the Winter Olympics 1X.

A graduate of the Institute of Physical Education Lesgaft. A personal trainer first Russian Olympic champions in pair skating Lyudmila Belousova and Oleg Protopopov.

Among the pupils of Igor Moskvin – his wife, Tamara Moskvina, Yury Ovchinnikov, Igor Bobrin, Igor Lisowski, Vladimir Kotin and others, sports a pair of Tamara Moskvina – Alexei Mishin Irina Vorobeva – Igor Lisowski, Lyudmila Smirnova – Andrew Suraykin, Marina Eltcova – Andrew Bushkov, Larisa Selezneva – Oleg Makarov and others.

All fans of figure skating Federation leaders, coaches, athletes join the numerous congratulations!

Dear Igor Borisovich, health, success and inexhaustible energy!

Photo report Natalia Ponarin







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