Dmitry Aliev – the first, Roman Savosin – third at the Grand Prix in Ostrava

Source: fsrussia

Russian Dmitry Aliev won the second stage of the Junior Grand Prix in the Czech Ostrava. Bronze Award at the Roman Savosina, who won the previous stage of the Grand Prix in France. Silver medal was won by Alexey Krosnozhon, which represents the US.In any program American athlete attempted execution quadruple ritbergera, but failed.

Dmitry Aliyev performed in the long program, two quads, one in the cascade. Roman Savosin fell at the first jump, nevertheless eventually closed the top three.

In total, in the second stage of the junior Grand Prix Russian figure skaters have won 6 medals – 2 gold, 1 silver and 3 bronze. Anastasia and Dmitry Gubanov Aliyev won competitions in figure skating, Amin Atakhanova – Ilya Spiridonov came second in the competition of sports pairs, dance duet Arina Ushakova – Maxim Nekrasov and Singles Alice Lozka and Roman Savosin returned from the tournament with bronze medals.

The second stage of the Grand Prix. Juniors.Ostrava (Czech Republic). Boys. Free program. 1. Dmitry Aliev (Russia) – 155.38, 2. Krasnozhon Alex (USA) – 148.50, 3. Roman Savosin (Russia) – 134.74

Results 1. Dmitry Aliev (Russia) – 232.83, 2.Krasnozhon Alex (USA) – 223.60, 3. Roman Savosin (Russia) – 207.64


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