Ando’s life full of joy, challenges

Former two-time world champion Miki Ando, seen here working for Sapporo TV at an FIS World Cup ski jump last year, has become a popular figure at sports events around Japan. | INSTAGRAM


Freed from the constraints of competition, retired athletes often change directions. Some go into business, a few into TV, others into coaching or various endeavors.

For two-time world champion Miki Ando, it is all of the above.

The former skating star looks to be more popular than ever now based on her busy schedule, which sees her traveling for work several days each month.

Ando, who turned 29 last month, can now be frequently found in various parts of the globe or Japan for skating or other jobs. Shows in Rome and Madrid, coaching camps in Spain and the Netherlands, appearances in Tokyo and Sapporo, it all makes for a new and very busy life for the Nagoya native.

The two-time Olympian retired after the 2013 Japan nationals, and despite being the mother of a young child, has undertaken a challenging calendar as she continues the transition from her skating days. Add into this her long distance relationship with two-time world champion Javier Fernandez of Spain, and Ando has a full plate on her hands.



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