Javier Fernández wins bronze for Spain in Pyeongchang

The hours spent training in the cold in Toronto, the endless practicing and perfecting edge jumps, almost 10 years away from his family… It’s all been worthwhile for Javier Fernández who realized a dream in Pyeongchang today. The 26-year-old won the bronze in the Men’s figure sking event – an achievement which is a the culmination of years of hard work and determination. It’s the reward for SuperJavi, who as an adolescent, trooped off to the United States, then Canada, in a quest for excellence in a sport which is practically unknown in Spain. He collects Spain’s fourth medal of the games and the nation’s first on ice.

Almost flawless performance

He put everything into a performance whose sole flaw was a slightly mistimed exit from a quadruple salchow – the only thing that prevented him from catching defending Olympic champions and training partner Yuzuru Hanyu and silver medalist Shoma Uno. The rest of his repertoire, which included a quad toe loop and seven triples, was faultless.

source: as.com

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