[Olympic] 149cm ‘Little giant’ Kim Hae-young, confronts prejudice on silver plate

23″You cannot do well because you are small …” Achieving personal highest score in the debut stage of the Olympics over the bad conditions 
Impressive performance for those who fight the prejudices and limitations of the world

[Olympics] Kim Hyeong-jin, High Date

[Olympic] Kim Ha Neul, Fly high. (Gangneung AP) reporter Im heonjeong = On 23rd, at the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics figure skating at the Ice Arena in Gangneung, Korea’s Kim Ha Neul is performing singles free skating. 2018.2.23 

(Gangneung = Yonhap News) Kim Kyung-yoon reporter = National figure skater Kim Ha-neul is only 149cm.

It is a fatal disadvantage in figure skating which emphasizes aesthetic value.

People said Kim has a limitation that could not be overcome.

The fans’ gaze was also stingy. Some figurine fans just ridiculed Kim with malicious comments that they could not put into their mouths.

It was an irrevocable wound for junior high school student Kim Ha-neul.

Kim said, “In Taerung Ice Rink, there is not one player smaller than me. The coach instructed me to overcome the disadvantages by doing it with big motions. I felt it was very difficult”, she said.

The toughest competitor to Kim Ha-neul was not other skaters, nor the internet users who poured out the evil. It was her own self.

The worst thing is her negative thought that she cannot do anything.

She fought a lot with her mother as a figure skater.

She said, “I had a lot of grudge against my mother. Why did she give me such a small and chubby body? Even though there were no tall people in the family, why did my parents make me do figure skating…”

The presence of Uno Shoma, the figure skating single male figure in Japan, was a big boost to Kim Ha-neul.

Shoma, a short-lived 160-centimeter, is trapped in the shadow of Japan’s top star, Hanyu Yuzuru, but has not received much attention. He also won a silver medal at the Pyeongchang Olympic Games.

“I felt some kind of connection,” said Kim. “I thought I should boldly acknowledge what I cannot do, and should work on the things that I can do,” Kim said.

[Olympic Games] Kim Hyeon

[Olympic] delighted Kim Ha Neul.  (Gangneung AP) reporter Park Dongju = On 23rd at the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, figure skating Women’s Singles Free Skating Ice Arena opened in Gangneung. South Korea’s Kim Ha Neul checked the score and showed tears. 2018.2.23 


The score on the board was 121.38 after the performance. It was the highest score which is about 10 points higher than her previous highest point, 111.95.

The total score of 175.71 did not allow entry into the medal ticket, but it gave a lot of resonance to those who fight against the prejudices of the world and the limits that cannot be overcome.

Kim said, “My parents, who have watched their daughter’s appearance in the audience, will be more nervous than me”. “I always thank my parents for their courage and strength.”



source: yonhapnews.co.kr

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