[Olympics] Denis Ten, a descendant of the captain, “The Olympic Games in Korea, meaningful stage”

Right foot ligament injured and challenge in ‘second country’

[Olympics] 'Daisetsu descendants' Denis Ten jump

‘A descendant of the captain’, Denis Ten’s jump 
Kazakhstani figure skater, Denis is acting in the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Figure Skating Men Singles Short Program at the Gangneung Ice Arena on the 16th. Denis Ten is the eldest son of Min – geung ho who served as the chief of the ministry in the latter era of the Chosun Dynasty. 2018.2.16 

(Gangneung = Yonhap News) Kim Kyung-yoon = “It was a meaningful stage,” Denis Ten (25, Kazakhstan) said after performing on the Olympic stage in ‘the second motherland’.

On the 16th, Denis Ten scored 70.12 which was a little bit low, saying “Although the result is unsatisfactory, I am proud of the fact that I overcame the injury and could perform on the stage.”

“I have been preparing a lot for the Olympic Games in Korea,” he said, “Thank you for the support. I really appreciate it”.

Denis Ten is the eldest son of Min – geung ho, who is the chief of the ministry in the latter era of the Chosun Dynasty.

Denis Ten, who won the bronze medal in the Sochi Winter Olympic Games in 2014, signed a contract with All That Sports, Kim Yu-na’s agent, and continued his various activities in Korea.

The recent momentum has fallen dramatically. Last year, he had injured his right foot during the practice.

He made a big mistake in a quadruple jump (4 turns) and the spin, and received 0 point for the corresponding acting element.

“I got a ligament injury in August last year, but it was still painful. I also had paralysis on my right toe,” he said.

“Pyeongchang Olympics was a challenge for me. The medical team said it was hard to skate, but I was able to recover quickly and stand on the stage.”

“It is very special to receive the attention from the fans around the world on the day of the start of the year,” he said in a comment on the Olympics in his second motherland on the Korean New Year’s day.



source: yonhapnews.co.kr

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