[Olympics] The most brilliant impromptu performance, Dabin Choi… 0.74 points off from 200 points

After failing the first jump, Dabin put it in the rest of the jumps calmly, and ‘increase the score’ 
Short 67.77 points, free 131.49 points, total score 199.26 points ‘all personal highest record’

[OLYMPIC] Most Empty Debut

The most exciting figure skating women’s single free skating in the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games held at Gangneung Ice Arena is on the 23rd. 2018.2.23

(PyeongChang = Yonhap News) Lee Yeong-ho reporter = “Figure Queen” Kim Yeon-ah (28) has the best strength during the active season. Choi Da Bin (18) also showed her boldness by taking over the ‘strong mentality’ of the predecessor at her first Olympic stage and making up for her mistakes.

On 23rd, during the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Figure Women Single Free Skating at Gangneung Ice Arena, Dabin performed as the fifth actress in group 3 under the watchful eye of the figure queen Yeon-ah Kim.

Dabin got 67.77 points at the short program on the 21st, taking the eighth place and winning one of the 24 free skating entries.

She started acting with the original soundtrack of the background music “Doctor Zivago”, and made a mistake in the first jump.

Her first jump was a triple lutz-triple toe loop combination jumps, but she could not make a connection jump and only did triple lutz.

Because of this, Choi Dabin received only basic point 6 without GOE.

Although she was embarrassed, Dabin continued to perform without hesitation by achieving the GOE  for a triple flip (basic point 5.30 points) followed by a double accelerator – triple toe loop combination jump (basic point 7.60 points).

Following the Flying Camel Spin (Level 4) and Step Sequence (Level 3), the triple loop single jump was neatly done.

[Olympic] Most Empty, Enchanted Smoke

[Olympics] Most Empty, Fascination Postponed(Gangneung = Yonhap News) The 23rd day of the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic Figure Skating Women’s Single Free Skating held at Gangneung Ice Arena is on the 23rd. 2018.2.23

From this moment, her Plan B began to make up for the first jump mistake.

She was supposed to do triple lutz-double toe loop-double loop combination jumps, but she decided to take a risk by changing the second connection jump to triple torrents.

The result is successful. If she played the game as it had planned, the basic point was 10.01 points. However, the base point jumped to 12.76 points and won 2.75 points more as she changed her plan.

She received 0.4 points for GOE, and added a total of 3.15 points.

In addition, she added a double toe loop which added 1.43 points after a single triple salvo jump.

After completing all seven jumps with double axles, she ended her stage with Combination Spin (Level 4), Correo Sequence (Level 1), and Leakback Spin (Level 4).

Due to her calmness, she has lifted her existing International Ice Skating Federation (ISU) official score (128.45) to 131.49 points in free skating and the overall score has risen to 8.15 points (191.11) .

[OLYMPIC] Most empty to check scores

[Olympic] score confirmed Most empty tocheck (Gangneung AP) Lee, Ji – Eun press = 23, held in Gangneung Ice Arena 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics figure skating girls score in Christchurch John singles in the free skate after the largest bean postponement of Korea kissing yen . 2018.2.23

Choi was ranked seventh overall, and ranked highest in the Olympic women’s singles event for Korean players except Kim.

Her performance received a total score of 199.26, which was unfortunately 0.74 points short of 200 points.

If she received a little more favorable scores from the referees in the Artistic Score (PCS), she could have become the second Korean player who obtains over 200 points in the international competition after Kim Yeon-ah (228.56 points, personal record).

“I was so happy because I could make it to the end even after a mistake,” she said. “I was really glad to be in the top 10 because there are so many good players”, she smiled.



source: yonhapnews.co.kr

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