Trankov: despite unsuccessful hire, the result of Russians on the OI is good

KANNIN, Feb 17 – RIA Novosti, Andrei Simonenko. Russian figure skaters Dmitri Aliev and Mikhail Kolyada could not show the best rides in men’s single skating at the Olympics in Pyeongchang , but their result should be recognized as good, said two-time Olympic champion Maxim Trankov , who competed in a sports match with Tatyana Volosozhar.

On Saturday, Aliyev and Kolyada occupied, respectively, the seventh and eighth places at the Olympics . Both in random rental allowed for two falls.

“If two figure skaters are in the top ten and at the World Championships, it would be great, we already forgot when we had three boys at the World Championship, and now we have a chance to win the third quota.” So although the hire was not successful , I believe that the result is very good, “Trankov told reporters.

Trankov did not agree with the fact that Kolyada became a disappointment to the Olympics. “Misha is a man who won two trips to this Olympics, he could have skated better, but he did everything he could, fought, skated, I can only support him,” he stressed.

“It was unrealistic for both of us to claim today for more, maybe Misha with a quadruple lutz would have a chance, but if only they were … Those who received medals deserved them,” Trankov added.

Champion of the Olympic Games again, as in Sochi-2014, became a Japanese Yudzuru Khan, silver won his compatriot Syoma Uno, the third became Spaniard Javier Fernandez. “It’s very difficult to fight with Asia, but if Javier could, why can not we?” – stated Trankov, speaking about the chances of Russian figure skaters in the future to fight with the leaders.



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