Because of the fallen boots … Choi Da-bin, withdraw from World Figure Skating Free

Figure woman singles most empty. [Yonhap News photo]

(Seoul-Yonhap News) Lee Young-ho reporter = Korean figure skater Choi Da-Bin (Korea University) has given up the 2018 ISU World Figure Skating Championship Free due to skate boots problem.

Choi’s agent, All That Sports said on the 23rd, “Choi, who suffered from skate boots problems during the short program, has a problem the ankle at the official training session and submitted a waiver to the ISU in order to prevent further injuries.

At the short program on 21st, her skate boots were not in good condition and were fixed with tapes.

Due to the poor condition of the boots, she was not able to fully show her performances with landing anxiety, resulting in a score of 55.30, far below her ISU official record (67.77).

Eventually, she placed in the 21st, and earned the free skating entry, which is given upto 24th place .

However, Choi, who was in official training ahead of the scheduled free skating performance on the 24th, chose to abstain because of an ankle injury due to the boots.

“The skate boots that she is wearing now have been used for a long time to lose their ankle support ability,” All That Sports said. “She tried with the boots that were worn a year or two ago. However, it couldn’t help it. ”



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