Figure Skating Muramoto pair, 11th World Championship, Japan’s Highest Record

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[Milan co-operation] On the final day of figure skating world championships, the ice dance fee was held in Milan, and Kana Muramoto and Chris Reed (Kinoshita group) totaled 164.38 points for their best victory, ranked eleventh, which is the highest record. At the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, they were ranked in 15th place with the peronal highest record.
According to the Japan Skating Federation, at the world championships, Noriko Sato, Tadayuki Takahashi of the 1985 Games, the 13th place of the 2011 competition where Lead came together with his sister Kathy was the highest score.
Pyeongchang Olympics silver medal Gabriela Papadakis, Guillaume Siselon group (France) won the third time in 2 years with a total of 207.20 points in both short dance (SD) and free.
(Kyodo News Agency)

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