Cha Jun-hwan at His First Ice show, “I felt the emotion I felt during the Olympics”

Cha Junhwan ‘s cool ice show stage (Seoul – Yonhap News) Kim Joo-sung reporter = “LG Ice ThinQ Ice Fantasia 2018” on the 20th. The figure skating male single, Cha Jun-hwan is performing a wonderful performance. 2018.4.20

(Seoul-Yonhap News) Kim Kyung-yun reporter = Cha Jun-hwan, a representative of a Korean figure male single who stepped into the ice show for the first time, did not hide the remarks, saying, “I felt the feelings I felt during the PyeongChang Winter Olympics.”

“For the first part of the show, I performed the PyeongChang Olympic program, and it was good to be able to feel the inspiration at that time,” he said in an interview after the first day of the show on the first day of the ‘Ice Thin Q Ice Fantasy 2018’.

Cha Jun-hwan was ranked in 15th at the PyeongChang Olympic Games by the International Skiing Federation (ISU) official highest score of 248.59 points, which is the highest ranking of Korean male athletes.

It was a successful stage considering that his condition was bad due to the flu.

After the Olympics, he struggled to recover his condition and prepared a new gala show program in Toronto, Canada.

He gave a big meaning to the ice show.

Cha Jun-hwan said, “I focused on developing expressiveness while preparing the ice show.” “I think a series of preparations will have a positive impact on the Beijing Winter Olympics, which will be held four years later.”



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