‘Figure King’ HANYU, “Challenges to 5-turn jump”

Japanese figure skating men’s single, Hanyu Yuzuru [Yonhap News photo]


(Seoul: Yonhap News) Kim Kyung-yoon reporter = 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic figure skating men’s single gold medalist Japan’s Hanyu Yuzuru (24) announced his will to challenge the quintuple (spin 5-times) jump.

“I am going to challenge the quadruple (spin 4-times) axle that no one has succeeded during the off season,” said Hanyu, who attended the award ceremony of the Japan Ice Cream Federation on 26th. “If I succeed in quadruple axle, I will practice quintuple as well.”

No one has ever played a five-turn jump in the world figure skating history. The 5-turn jump is an unknown area, not even on the ISU scorecard.

There is not yet a successful case of a quadruple axle jumping, not even the turns four and a half turns.

Hanseu has just revealed his willingness to take the world’s first quadruple axel jumping in the offseason to a five-round jump.

The likelihood of success seems low.

Experts say the success of the five-turn jump is almost impossible.

It is because, in order to turn five rounds in the air, you have to run with great speed, and then jump with a good jump force.

On the other hand, the recent world figure skating ‘jump’ competition is more fierce than ever.

Nathan Chen of the United States has won six quadruple jumps for the first time ever in the PyeongChang Olympic free skating, and performed six quadruple jumps in the ISU World Championships last month and obtained the gold medal.

At the ISU World Junior Figure Skating Championships, Russia’s 13-year-old figure skater Alexandra Trušova surprised the figures because for the first time as a female single she made two successful four-round jumps.



source: yonhapnews.co.kr

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